Will Endorsements Matter in New York City’s Mayoral Election and Other Races?

“Each of these neighborhoods have these spheres of influence..."

The Gig Economy Is Coming for Millions of American Jobs

"To get what they want through the legislature, the companies will need to build a coalition that Democrats feel comfortable embracing."

Cuomo's Would-Be Opponents Say the Battered Governor Would Still Be Hard to Beat

“Show me a single Democrat anywhere in the state that can do that,” Kwatra said.

Neal Kwatra Weighs in on the First Round of Political Ads Hitting Airwaves in NYC Mayor's Race

"Part of that storytelling is about an emotional connection with voters that says: here's my motivation"

‘It’s not sticking’: Yang powers through early stumbles in New York mayor’s race

Kwatra questions if Yang can sustain being a frontrunner: "Talk to Christine Quinn about that. It’s not easy."

First Ad Blitz in N.Y.C. Mayor’s Race Has an Unlikely Star: Obama

"It’s clearly motivated by the fact that he’s in real danger of being marginalized as a second-tier candidate quickly."

MPS Recognized on City & State's 2021 New York City Power 100

Metropolitan Public Strategies has led the charge on some of the most high-profile policy fights in the city and the state in recent years.

NYC mayoral hopeful Ray McGuire served as banker to Koch brothers, rankling progressives

“It’s a decidedly suboptimal way to introduce yourselves to millions of NYers who have just suffered through a traumatic year of layoffs."

MPS Recognized on City & State's 2021 Political PR Power 50

MPS is proud to have been at the center of two existential and core priorities for our collective future [cont.]

The New York Mayor’s Race Is Under Way. It’s Getting Interesting.

"You have to make a case for yourself but also have to disqualify your opponent, albeit artfully in a ranked-choice context.”

New York GOP is back from the dead

“I wouldn’t draw so many NY-specific conclusions when you had the kind of motivation at the top of the ticket that Donald Trump presents"

Wrong again! Just like 2016, pollsters across America missed the mark with U.S. elections

“None of the results are surprising to the campaigns themselves”

Three Things in Play in New York’s Elections

Strong organizations—like political parties or unions—typically do well with mail-in votes

N.Y.C. Was Once a Bastion of G.O.P. Moderates. Then Trump Came Along.

The party has the potential to become a “fund-raising vehicle” / vanity project for party building, donor cultivation & political organizing

Rep. Max Rose is fighting for his life in a nasty House race

"[Max Rose] is very visceral and, frankly, New Yorkers, especially in their politicians, they appreciate that."

"We're Not Going to Let Donald Trump Steal This Election": Democrats Strategizing for 2020 Warfare

“Democrats historically do a terrible job of both managing expectations in advance and then preparing and framing those expectations"

Joe Biden Sees the Future in Kamala Harris

“Trump going after Kamala for being against fracking tells you all you need to know about how barren the initial oppo is.”

2020 Power of Diversity: Asian 100

Neal Kwatra ranked #5 in City & State's 2020 Power of Diversity: Asian 100


MPS is proud to have produced the following ad for the New York Immigration Coalition

Rebuild with Offshore Wind

MPS is proud to have produced this important video for The New York League of Conservation Voters