N.Y.C. Was Once a Bastion of G.O.P. Moderates. Then Trump Came Along.

The party has the potential to become a “fund-raising vehicle” / vanity project for party building, donor cultivation & political organizing

Rep. Max Rose is fighting for his life in a nasty House race

"[Max Rose] is very visceral and, frankly, New Yorkers, especially in their politicians, they appreciate that."

"We're Not Going to Let Donald Trump Steal This Election": Democrats Strategizing for 2020 Warfare

“Democrats historically do a terrible job of both managing expectations in advance and then preparing and framing those expectations"

Joe Biden Sees the Future in Kamala Harris

“Trump going after Kamala for being against fracking tells you all you need to know about how barren the initial oppo is.”

2020 Power of Diversity: Asian 100

Neal Kwatra ranked #5 in City & State's 2020 Power of Diversity: Asian 100


MPS is proud to have produced the following ad for the New York Immigration Coalition

Rebuild with Offshore Wind

MPS is proud to have produced this important video for The New York League of Conservation Voters

Mayoral Hopefuls Have a Narrow Window for Bold Moves

"All of these issues of systemic racism course through every aspect of public life from housing to education, to taxes to Medicaid."

Four Things to Watch in Tuesday’s New York Primary Elections

"Campaigns with good data & resources will be in as good a place as those with institutions”

Is Bill de Blasio the Loneliest Man in New York City?

“It was almost as if he was talking to strangers. The Bill de Blasio I knew would have had them with him, showing solidarity.”

Method Man Launches Cannabis Venture to Support Black Business

Method Man, the actor and rapper known for his work with Wu-Tang Clan, is launching a cannabis business that aims to bring more black own...

All eyes on Cuomo as Albany seeks police reform

"Cuomo’s either going to be sort of stuck in trying to defend and rationalize his past record, or he will recognize the moment we're in."

Advocacy groups threaten to sue NYC if curfew isn’t lifted immediately

"Litigation will serve notice to the mayor that individuals and groups are not going to go quietly into the night."

Immigration coalition, civil rights groups threaten to sue de Blasio over 'unconstitutional' curfew

Calls for de Blasio to lift the curfew right away and “absent such immediate action, we will be forced to undertake legal action."

De Blasio Denounced After Police Forcefully Clash With Protesters

“The most charitable assessment is that his mayoralty is currently on life support.”

The 2020 Albany Power 100: 11-50

39. Neal Kwatra; Founder and CEO, Metropolitan Public Strategies

'Avalanche of anger' from supporters helped change de Blasio's tone on NYPD behavior

“He was greeted by an avalanche of anger, bemusement and complete confusion about what the hell he was talking about."

Longtime supporters dismayed at de Blasio's shift from police reformer to defender

"[2014] unequivocally impacted his strategic approach to these issues and arguably the fate of his mayoralty and how history will view it."

NY Rep. Eliot Engel ‘completely lost touch’ during coronavirus crisis, challenger says

“This tactic of identifying your local longtime representative as being out of touch is Campaigning 101.”

Brooklyn Democrats back Richards for Queens BP, uniting political rivals

“Rodneyse is a different kind of leader. She isn’t necessarily beholden to the rivalries of the past and she thinks like an organizer."