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We're Zooming Our Way Through The Mayoral Race

Lately, I've found myself scarfing down chips and swilling cokes while staring at the many New York City candidates telling me why they are the best qualified for the job of mayor. They fill the Zoom cubes on my screen nearly every day, like the opening credits of The Brady Bunch.

This, of course, is because the pandemic has made campaigning a virtual affair with an ad infinitum schedule of mayoral Zoom forums. Think of any constituency in New York City who wants a say in this critical primary — neighborhood Democratic clubs, public housing residents, the homeless, the hospitality industry, immigration advocates, Muslims, Black women, and even non-voting-eligible city youths — chances are, they are hosting a Zoom forum. They occur at all hours of the day, often lasting as long as three hours. (Today? There are four.)

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