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The NYC Mayoral Candidates Have Logged On To Clubhouse

Last week, mayoral candidate Maya Wiley made her first foray into Clubhouse, the new invite-only social media app that allows users to wander into themed-rooms and have or listen-in on conversations with one another. Like its name, the app feels like a throwback, a 21st-century reincarnation of those 1980s telephone party lines that had bored and curious teens racking up their parents' phone bills.

However, as one of New York City's leading mayoral hopefuls, Wiley was on Clubhouse to campaign. That night, she was the special guest in a room hosted by Tiffinni Young, a former Dallas City Councilwoman who uses the app to bring together Black women in politics. Speaking with a Texas twang, Young quizzed Wiley on a range of topics, many of which were much broader than the targeted policy questions she's been fielding as a candidate.

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