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    Transportation Broward

    Brought on to develop and execute a new and more strategic approach around a failed ballot referendum for transportation infrastructure, Metropolitan Public Strategies built a sleek campaign that turned a narrow loss into a 60% win

    on the biggest transportation ballot

    initiative in the nation.

    Transportation Is The Future

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    Driver's Licenses NOW

    With Trump orchestrating a constant attack on immigrant rights, Metropolitan Public Strategies was tapped to bring compression to a campaign in support

    of driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants. We developed a robust earned media, political organizing, and paid media effort to elevate the voices of support and move the political landscape to act. 

    New York Immigration Coalition

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    Save Our Housing

    With affordable housing under attack from Big Tech giants like Airbnb, Metropolitan Public Strategies created and drove a

    multi-pronged coalition campaign to raise awareness and push for sensible regulations of the short-term rental industry. These efforts brought sweeping legislative wins and escalating action by cities across the county.



    Share Better

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    Metropolitan Public Strategies was the

    chief architect behind the New York arm

    of the national Fight For $15 campaign –

    the Mario Cuomo Campaign for Economic Justice (MCCEJ) – leading a coordinated effort that culminated in the historic passage of a statewide $15 minimum

    wage for New York State. 



    Mario Cuomo Campaign for Economic Justice