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Broward Ballot Initiative

CLIENT: Transportation Is The Future

CAMPAIGN: Broward Transportation Ballot Initiative

Lay of the land

Broward County was not seeing the needed federal funding necessary to care for local transportation infrastructure. Surrounding counties had passed small sales taxes in order to fund their needed transportation repairs. The ballot initiative failed in 2016 and the 2018 election cycle was not looking friendly toward progressive initiatives in the area.  


How we changed the dynamic

Metropolitan Public Strategies came in to run a public affairs campaign to secure the necessary funding to fix roads and sidewalks, cut congestion, and create local jobs. While political campaigns can quickly climb into the millions, Metropolitan was able to deliver with just a fraction of that. On a shoestring budget, MPS executed a multi-channel, integrated marketing campaign using graphics and video across the digital and traditional media landscape, effectively targeting a diverse mid-term electorate and driving the initiative to an incredibly successful passage with 60.2% of the final vote tally.


Value Delivered
  • Full campaign creative production, including video and graphics

  • Targeting models to reach potential supporters among many diverse communities in Broward County

  • Built a strategic plan around effective, tested campaign messaging

  • Turned a narrow loss from 2016 into a 60-40% winning referendum in 2018

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