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N.Y.C. Was Once a Bastion of G.O.P. Moderates. Then Trump Came Along.

Over the course of two decades, the New York City Republican Party got two mayors elected in deep blue New York City. It was a neat trick made possible by the party’s ability to toe a centrist line — conservative on the budget, liberal on social issues.

But that line has shifted in the era of President Trump, and so has the idea of a New York City Republican.

The Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan, whose members have included Theodore Roosevelt and Nelson A. Rockefeller, has in the last two years hosted talks by Steve Bannon; the Breitbart News editor, Joel Pollak; and the Proud Boys founder, Gavin McInnes...

“The candidates are almost beside the point in a place like Manhattan, because they’re not viable up and down the ballot,” said Neal Kwatra, a New York City Democratic strategist.

Rather, Mr. Kwatra said, the party has the potential to become a “fund-raising vehicle” or vanity project for party building, donor cultivation and political organizing for the Catsimatidis family writ large.

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