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Mike Bloomberg has a plan to turn around his debate fortunes: hammer Bernie Sanders

Billionaire ex-New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has a plan to improve his performance after what was widely panned as a subpar showing during last week's Democratic primary debate. The strategy: make Tuesday's contest all about Bernie Sanders.

Neal Kwatra, a Democratic strategist who worked with Bloomberg's mayoral administration, said the billionaire can recover from last week, but it won't be based solely on debates — particularly since he's coming off one "where the whole conversation has been about how bad he did."

"No one's going to be surprised if you see a more combative Bloomberg," he said. "I think part of the challenge for him is this forum doesn't lend itself to his skill set, and so no matter how prepared and good he is on that debate stage, I don't think it's going to change the sort of calculus of this race unless he puts his money behind wanting to change the calculus of this race [and spending big against Sanders.] And even then, it might frankly be too late, but I don't think he has really any shot unless that's a part of the equation."

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