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Legislation aims to stop drivers from illegally passing stopped school buses

As part of National School Bus Safety Week, there’s a new push to stop drivers from illegally passing stopped school buses.

Drivers who blow past stopped school buses with the stop arms out and the lights flashing could soon face serious consequences - even if the police aren't there to witness it.

On Wednesday, Nassau's County Executive Laura Curran signed legislation allowing local school districts to opt in to state law to install cameras on school buses.

Safety advocates say it's about time.

"So typically, if someone gets a speeding ticket, they're going to get another speeding ticket during the course of their life. They've seen a less than 2% recidivism rate so far for people who have committed this violation. That means they're not doing it again. There's just no excuse for running past a stopped school bus,” says Daniel Flanzig, of Long Island Streets.

If someone is caught on camera and gets a ticket, the first offense will cost $250. A second is $275 and a third is $300.


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