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‘It’s not sticking’: Yang powers through early stumbles in New York mayor’s race

The former presidential candidate has been ubiquitous in the city, sucking up the oxygen in the race and assuming any attention is better than none at all.

Neal Kwatra, MPS Founder, weighed in. To read the full article, click here.

“Five hundred people who are obsessively watching every move are really not representative of the electorate,” said Democratic consultant Neal Kwatra, who’s worked extensively in New York politics. “Most voters in southeast Queens and Central Brooklyn who are likely to decide this election probably didn’t pay attention to these perceived gaffes.”

“Things are quite fluid in this race,” Kwatra said.

“I think it’s clear he is a top-tier candidate in this race, both by virtue of name ID and his ability to raise money,” he added, though Yang’s current campaign finances are not yet available. “The question is, can he sustain being a frontrunner? Talk to Christine Quinn about that. It’s not easy.”


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