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Cameras on NYC school buses can nail illegal passers

The company providing the cameras is Virginia-based BusPatrol America. It uses artificial intelligence to detect when drivers are illegally passing school buses when children are boarding or getting off the bus. The company said the technology seems to be a strong deterrent because it isn't seeing repeat offenders.

CEO Jean Souliere said that 99% of the drivers who get a ticket don't receive another one.

"So, that's another indicator for us to know that we're doing a good job," Souliere said.

Logan Bus Company has a contract with the city providing nearly 2,000 school buses. During the upcoming school year, 10 city school buses will be equipped with the cameras as part of a trial program.

"There's been quite a few instances where not only one car will not stop, but six at a time will blow past a school bus while the stop sign is out," Logan Bus Company Vice President Corey Muirhead said.


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