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Airbnb Loses Fight Against Tougher Rules in Jersey City

Voters in Jersey City overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure Tuesday by 69% to 31% to beef up rules for operating short-term rental properties in the city. It was a blow to Airbnb, which had spent more than $4 million opposing the measure, flooding the television airwaves with commercials and inundating residents with mailers.

“Airbnb thought it could spend millions of dollars to undo common-sense home-sharing regulations,” said Peter Ward, president of the New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council. “But Jersey City residents could not be fooled.”

Mr. Fulop, a Democrat, along with members of the City Council began efforts to enact stronger short-term rental rules earlier this year. City officials said Jersey City residents were complaining about short-term rental properties being used for loud parties and a rush of illegal hotels were pushing up housing prices.


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